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Alison McKelvie Eakin is a medicine woman who holds sacred space for people to feel their feelings and awaken into their true essence. She teaches people how to raise their vibration to the frequency of LOVE so that they can relate to all their relations through the embodiment of unconditional LOVE.

Alison offers one-on-one Empowered Woman mentorships- helping woman awaken their inner Priestess and step into the role of healer for their life. She is gifted at guiding woman through their awakening process to bring a more balanced spiritual connection into their lives.

Alison offers retreats for clients to swim with Wild Dolphins. She is passionate about helping people to experience the love and joy on this planet and dolphins are one of the best medicines to help people connect with the love that resides within themselves.

Alison also offers Reiki Healer Trainings- teaching people how to use the universal energy of LOVE for healing.

Come join Alison in sacred circle for a Breathwork circle, Sound Healing journey, retreat to swim with wild dolphins, or a private healing session!

For more information visit: www.healingwithalison.com

Join us on this magical 6-day retreat

November 3-8 2018