Open to Love Dolphin Retreat

Free your heart, swim with Wild Dolphins,
Experience the LOVE

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Are you ready to step into your power
and connect with your true essence?

Dolphins have been powerful teachers for me in my life.  They have awakened many of my healing abilities.  They have helped me to give and receive love more fully and completely.  Here is a blog ( I wrote about the power of receiving love- a lesson that i learned on one of my dolphin swims.

Dolphins have been known for centuries as Healers.  They are connected with the Spirit through the breath.  They emanate a sense of joy, playfulness and freedom.  

When you first enter the water with the wild dolphins it is best to ask permission from them to be there and invite them to come play with you.  I find that if I open my heart to them and send them love- that they in turn come closer and are intrigued to engage with me.  

To swim alongside a wild dolphin and look it in the eye as your body is moving up and down with the rhythm of the waves is truly magical!  I have had some of the most amazing heart opening experiences with the dolphins and that is why I love to bring people to swim with the dolphins because I want to share this incredible gift with you!  

2017 Retreat Gallery

Join in Ceremony with other sisters
Connect with ‘a pod’ of like minded people
3 boat swims to take you out into the water to be with the wild dolphins
Qi Gong at Sunset over looking the ocean
Delicious Vegan meals made with love from foods grown on site
Awaken your inner mermaid

Connect with your pod

Swim with wild dolphins

Experience the love and joy of Dolphins

Yoga class in the afternoons

Circle time is important to integrate the lessons and teachings from the dolphins

Connect with the Sacred Lands of Hawaii

Follow your path

Liberate your soul

Connecting through Sacred Sounds

Purify your soul

Who this retreat is for….

  • Healers who are awakening to more of their healing abilities.
  • Entrepreneurs and Executives who are seeking deep, meaningful healing and re-connection to their wild nature.
  • Visionaries who are in transition and seeking the next calling for their higher-purpose.
  • Singles who are looking for love in their life and seeking to manifest their dream romantic partner.
  • Couples seeking to deepen their communication, connection and spark their romance.

Imagine everyday…

  • Waking up filled with love and joy.
  • Feeling nourished on a soul level.
  • Being connected to your soul family
  • Communicating your needs and speaking from your Truth.
  • Express yourself with confidence
  • Following your Bliss
  • Knowing your soul’s calling and following it

In this 6-Day Retreat You Will…

  • Breathe out what is no longer serving you during our group Breathwork Healing Circles
  • Cleanse your body of toxins that accumulate from work, stress, environmental pollutions, etc.
  • Crystallize your desires and what you truly are craving to have in your life.
  • Reconnect with your essence
  • Gain clarity on your Soul’s mission and learn how to Follow your Bliss

Open to Love Dolphin Retreat Includes:

  • 3 wild dolphin boat trips for 4-5 hours each with healthy lunch and snorkel gear included
  • 5 nights lodging
  • 4 dinners prepared on site at retreat center
  • 1 day trip to black sands healing beach on the island
  • Organic Vegan Dinners prepared with food grown on site
  • Daily superfood smoothies for breakfast made from fresh local fruits
  • 5 nights group healing circles
  • 3 afternoon movement classes of Qigong or Yoga
  • Final closing circle

What is not included:

  • Airfare to the island
  • 1 dinner we will eat out as a group
  • Transportation from Kona airport to Retreat center ($15 each way)

Join us on the magical 6-day retreat,

Dates are November  3-8 2018



This is Alison- she is one of the most powerful spirits I have ever met with a heart full of love and light.

Lisa- New Mexico

“Thank you for the healing group tonight. You are a natural healer. I felt safe and taken care of, protected. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I loved your image of taking care of yourself like a newborn and checking on ourselves. I really felt your kind presence. Much love to you. I wrote in my journal afterwards for a good while. I had some clarity about where the worthiness hustle can be dropped entirely “into the earth, to be recycled. ” so loved that.” 

Christine, CA

Alison has a rare gift and I had one of, if not the most powerful releases and healing take place when she guided my through our session. She intuitively knew what to do at the right times and it was life altering. And I don’t say that easily.

Jon Paul Crimi, California