Located on quaint fruit gardens outside of Kona.

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This is Alison- she is one of the most powerful spirits I have ever met with a heart full of love and light.

Lisa- New Mexico

“Thank you for the healing group tonight. You are a natural healer. I felt safe and taken care of, protected. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I loved your image of taking care of yourself like a newborn and checking on ourselves. I really felt your kind presence. Much love to you. I wrote in my journal afterwards for a good while. I had some clarity about where the worthiness hustle can be dropped entirely “into the earth, to be recycled. ” so loved that.” 

Christine, CA

Alison has a rare gift and I had one of, if not the most powerful releases and healing take place when she guided my through our session. She intuitively knew what to do at the right times and it was life altering. And I don’t say that easily.

Jon Paul Crimi, California

Join us on the magical 5-day retreat, Dates are Nov 3-8 2018